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March 29, 2017
Food Pantry becomes Gather – News – – Portsmouth, NH
May 1, 2017

We have exciting news! The Seacoast Family Food Pantry is changing its name. The name ‘GATHER’ will represent the agency starting May 1, 2017.

Just over 200 years ago, a group of women took action against something they found to be unacceptable in their community: hunger. Their passion to help the hungry families of fisherman in the Seacoast has been passed down through the generations and has enabled us to do what we do today – reach for a hunger-free, healthy Seacoast. As the Seacoast Family Food Pantry, we have had the tremendous honor of serving our fellow community members struggling with food insecurity.

Now, as we have evolved to offer not just a Pantry Market, but also multiple channels of access to healthy food, we see the need to evolve yet again and take on a new name to better reflect our values and mission to end hunger locally. GATHER represents our mandate to gather together all the resources, community leaders and brain power to not only offer food assistance, but to offer the kind of support that can truly change lives and communities. The programs our customers depend on will not change, rather they will be enhanced to include more support, more education on nutrition and more availability.

GATHER was chosen as our new name after a nearly year-long strategic planning process. We were the grateful recipients of a pro-bono project from a prestigious Boston-based branding agency, Libretto. Our goal was to find a name that would translate well onto the new mediums of communication, represent the nature of our work, and to reduce any stigma that customers may feel. Now that we are delivering more food within the community than ever before, sensitivity towards people who may feel embarrassed about visiting a “Food Pantry” truck was a big consideration. We feel that our highest purpose is to gather – to gather food, to gather people, to gather ideas and best practices all in the name of addressing hunger and its root causes in our community. Hence, our new name was solidified.

It is with excitement and gratitude that I present GATHER to the Seacoast Community. It’s it my hope that you will embrace this new face on our enduring mission. Please GATHER with us as we strive toward a hunger-free Seacoast!

With much appreciation-

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