10th Annual Pease n Carrots Food Drive
October 23, 2017

PORTSMOUTH — Pease ’n Carrots will launch its 10th annual holiday food drive Monday, Nov. 13 to benefit Gather, formerly the Seacoast Family Food Pantry.

Historically, more than 33 organizations at Pease International Tradeport have collected donations over the past nine years to help Gather, the oldest nonprofit in New Hampshire, provide assistance in its quest to help build a hunger-free community. The drive runs through Dec. 20.

“We’re so pleased to do our small part in providing for this wonderfully giving and vibrant community,” said Pease ’n Carrots founder Mark Sullivan, president of Seacoast Asset Management, a financial advisory firm at the tradeport. “We wholeheartedly appreciate anything anyone can do with the sentiment that it could easily be any one of us who could find ourselves in similar circumstances after a few bad breaks. Giving back during the holiday season is the ultimate gift to this wonderfully community-centric nonprofit and all the community members it benefits throughout the course of the year.”

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