GATHER's Community Programs


Pantry Market

Last year, we moved to a new ‘Open Shop’ concept at our Pantry Market.

Customers shop for what they need and what they like. Staff and volunteers are still available to assist members with their shopping needs, but customers have the freedom to choose their preferences. We also offer “Free Fridays”, which is open to all and does not count against a customer’s monthly visit. On Free Fridays, customers are invited to come to the Pantry Market and take as much as they need of fresh produce, and a limited selection of extra food items. The Pantry Market is open Monday - Thursday from 9-5, and Free Fridays are 9-1.


Meals 4 Kids

GATHER’s Meals 4 Kids program provides delivery of healthy, fresh food to kids who qualify for public school’s free and reduced lunch during the weeks school is not in session.

Since its inception, GATHER’s Meals 4 Kids program has been a great success. We now serve nearly 400 children each week during the 14 weeks of school break. Meals 4 Kids supplies each child with fresh and healthy ingredients for 10 meals per week. We deliver to 6 mobile locations, and are able to do it all at a cost of just $12 per child per week. Our Meals 4 Kids participation rate is twice the national average (Our participation rate was 30%, the national average is 14%). More information about Meals 4 Kids, including distribution times and locations, is available on the Summer Meals 4 Kids website:


Farm Shares 4 Families

(Community Supported Agriculture) This year, 20 local families will participate in SFFP's 3rd annual Farm Shares 4 Families (CSA) program.

Throughout the 18 to 21-week growing season, each family will receive a weekly share of fresh and nutritious fruits and vegetables from Wake Robin Farm in Stratham, NH. Each family will also receive pantry staples to help maximize use of the CSA shares (e.g., olive oil, spices, beans, rice). Click here to support this great program.


Meals 4 Seniors

GATHER’s Meals 4 Seniors is currently piloting a home delivery program, which serves 20 Portsmouth seniors.

Participating seniors will place their orders each month with our program coordinator. Delivery offerings include healthy non-perishable items, fresh produce, meat, milk, eggs and cheese along with personal care items. Plans are in the works to expand this program in order to reach more Seacoast-area seniors. For more information, please contact us at 603.436.0641.